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MAAD-AF is developed natively in PowerShell 5.1 and leverages PowerShell modules to interact with various Microsoft cloud services. All MAAD-AF attack modules are open-source and modular by design making it easy to review, add, deprecate or update them for anyone.

MAAD-AF Elements Details
MAAD_Attack.ps1 Primary controller of all MAAD-AF elements.
\Library Hosts all the attack modules and other MAAD-AF functions.
\Library\MAAD_Basic_Modules.ps1 Primary functions required for MAAD-AF operation such as for logging, dependency checks, local file management, etc.
\Library\MAAD_Credential_Store_Manager.ps1 Manages credentials locally for use during security testing.
\Library\TOR_Anonymizer.ps1 Provides TOR routing feature for keeping MAAD-AF traffic anonymized.
\Library\AccessModules.ps1 Calls microsoft services and establishes connection using testing credentials. The established connections are kept persistent in the powershell session and are maintained even through a MAAD-AF restart.