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MAAD-AF Modules

MAAD-AF has 11 primary modules and 50+ sub-modules that can execute against various services & resources in EntraID (Azure AD) and M365 environment. MAAD-AF attack library is rapidly growing and new techniques are regularly added from maintainers and community contributions.


Module Option Sub-Module
Pre-Attack 1 Recon Organization/Identity
Pre-Attack 2 Brute-Force Credentials
Access 1 Show Available Credentials
Access 2 Add Credentials
Access 3 Establish Access - All
Access 4 Establish Access - AzureAD
Access 5 Establish Access - Az
Access 6 Establish Access - Exchange Online
Access 7 Establish Access - Teams
Access 8 Establish Access - Msol
Access 9 Establish Access - Sharepoint Site
Access 10 Establish Access - Sharepoint Admin Center
Access 11 Establish Access - Compliance (eDiscovery)
Access 12 Kill All Access
Access 13 Anonymize Access with TOR
Recon 1 AAD : Find All Accounts
Recon 2 AAD : Find All Groups
Recon 3 AAD : Find All Service Principals
Recon 4 AAD : Find All Auth Policy
Recon 5 AAD : Recon Named Locations
Recon 6 AAD : Recon Conditional Access Policy
Recon 7 AAD : Recon Registered Devices for Account
Recon 8 AAD : Recon All Accessible Tenants
Recon 9 AAD : Recon Account Group Roles
Recon 10 Teams : Recon All Teams
Recon 11 SP : Recon All Sharepoint Sites
Recon 12 Exchange : Find All Mailboxes
Account 1 List Accounts in Tenant
Account 2 Deploy Backdoor Account
Account 3 Assign Azure AD Role to Account
Account 4 Assign Management Role Account
Account 5 Reset Password
Account 6 Brute-Force Credentials
Account 7 Disable Account MFA
Account 8 Delete User
Group 1 List Groups in Tenant
Group 2 Create Group
Group 3 Add user to Group
Group 4 Assign Role to Group
Application 1 List Applications in Tenant
Application 2 Create Application
Application 3 Generate new Application Credentials
AzureAD 1 Modify Trusted IP Config
AzureAD 2 Download All Account List
AzureAD 3 Exploit Cross Tenant Sync
Exchange 1 List Mailboxes in Tenant
Exchange 2 Gain Access to Another Mailbox
Exchange 3 Setup Email Forwarding
Exchange 4 Setup Email Deletion Rule
Exchange 5 Disable Mailbox Auditing
Exchange 6 Disable Anti-Phishing Policy
Teams 1 List Teams in Tenant
Teams 2 Search Creds in Teams
Teams 3 Invite External User to Teams
Sharepoint 1 List Sharepoint Sites
Sharepoint 2 Gain Access to Sharepoint Site
Sharepoint 3 Search Files in Sharepoint
Sharepoint 4 Exfiltrate Data from Sharepoint
Sharepoint 5 Upload File to Sharepoint Site
Compliance 1 Launch New eDiscovery Search
Compliance 2 Recon Existing eDiscovery Cases
Compliance 3 Recon Existing eDiscovery Searches
Compliance 4 Find eDiscovery Search Details
Compliance 5 Find eDiscovery Case Members
Compliance 6 Exfil Data with eDiscovery
Compliance 7 Escalate eDiscovery Privileges
Compliance 8 Install Unified Export Tool